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Sail Oak Smooth


It starts with the design vision. We took the traditional idea of what a cheeseboard should look like and how a decoration should be used, and transformed them. We created elegant decorative pieces, which are proudly displayed across kitchens, eating and living areas, with or without any food on them. We have literally let them stand on their feet – they can be placed upright without the need for any support, which is achieved through the use of high quality, thick solid wood. They are so much more than the plain cheese / serving and cutting boards you are used to

This board is made of a carefully selected, beautifully patterned solid oak wood. Experienced European craftsmen carved and polished it by hand and finished it off with sumptuous organic olive oil to give it that deep, smooth look

As a decorative piece, it makes a magnificent addition to any classic or modern interior. It is unique in that it brings the natural beauty and warmth of wood in a compact form that connects just as well both with contemporary white, glass and steel surroundings, as well as with solid wood compositions. And on top of it, it adds the functional benefit that other decorative pieces simply don’t have. Looks just as well on its feet as it does on its back

Thinking about presents for friends, family members – be it birthdays, house warming parties, weddings, or anything else? Want to make a surprising yet elegant present, something that has rarely been seen before, but which will be appreciated by anyone who loves to decorate their home, to cook and entertain? Don’t be in the crowd that brings bottles of wine, flowers, vases / paintings / pictures. Show some thought and effort. This board makes an unforgettable, much appreciated gift for almost anyone and for almost any occasion

We bring you this luxurious accessory at a price which has rarely before been associated with words like hand-carved, hand-polished, solid wood and last, but not least, made in the EU. Enjoy!

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Made from: Oak
Dimensions: L42 / W34 / H2-3 cm
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Weight including shipping packaging: 2.0 Kgs
Code: board0011

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Price: £39.00

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