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About Us


If you have already had a run through the HAVESOME website, you may be wondering what our niche is. Furniture, bags, cheese boards, kids items, art, lighting - unusual mix to say the least. It is quite straight forward actually. Look around - we all use hundreds and thousands of different product categories. We see no reason why we should limit ourselves to just a couple, so long as we manage to discover the right items and the right manufacturers. Make no mistake – unlike many competitors, we don’t just accumulate a pile of random subpar goods that we found on the cheap. Our collection is accumulated with painstaking attention to detail and one simple guiding principle - we only offer items that we would gladly buy and use ourselves, knowing very well what else is available from others. We uphold the highest standards - all of our products, without exception, are manufactured in the European Union. They are quite rare and exclusive, largely because the making of most of them involves substantial handmade processes, implemented by skilled and experienced European craftsmen. This results in both high quality and deep character


We decided to start HAVESOME after we wasted many precious weekends from our busy lives looking for things that we like, which are of good quality, but don’t cost the earth. We failed miserably too many times. Those that appealed to us were mostly Italian, costing thousands, while those with reasonable prices were still too expensive for the aesthetic boredom and cheap quality they offered. We wished for a store that operated more like a well-connected, well-intending personal buyer. Store for people with exquisite taste who are not ready to be taken advantage of by having their bank accounts ravaged just because there is so little quality choice out there. We knew we were not alone. When we didn’t find one, we created it ourselves


We sell exclusively online. While we do realize that many people are still hesitant to embrace online retail, we are certain that it is the future. Both because we find ourselves buying almost everything we need on the internet and because it just makes so much sense when you think about it. It breaks the shackles of distance and opening hours – you no longer need to plan your day or week around going to that great store in London. It frees up your weekends from marching from store to store, often in the rain and cold, while dragging your children along. It shuts out the pushy salesmen, who won’t leave you alone until you buy. It makes it easy to have everything delivered right to your door. You can shop any time you like, look through the details at your convenience, easily compare with thousands of products and discuss only what you want. It saves you a lot of money, because those expensive rents and salesmen salaries are not inflating the prices. It gives you choice and freedom


We ventured out there, in search of manufacturers who spare nothing for making their products the best they can be, but at the same time are reasonable in their pricing. We go beyond the well-beaten path of the boutique and mass retail markets. Almost without exception, our competitors have the same old model. Boutiques buy from Italy, where prices are in most cases way too high, while most others send your money to China, where quality is often unacceptable. We don't - we find many great manufacturers across the EU who offer great value and don’t need much more than market exposure and a few educated customers. Nothing more than to sell their great products, created with love, skill and passion at prices well below what Italy is ready to accept and to a quality standard well above what China can hope to achieve

When we connect with these manufacturers, we shake hands and invite them to join us. We bring you goods directly from them, without any other exporters, importers, distributers, costly warehouses, physical stores or annoying salesmen. That way we eliminate a significant portion of the costs that other retailers continue to charge you for. You simply don’t pay for any of these costs when buying from us

We work very hard at maintaining and improving our unique blend of exquisite style, European quality, exceptional customer service, extremely lean pricing and last, but not least, lots and lots of fun. The result is exactly what we wanted. We created a niche for ourselves, called value - unique, great value, which as customers we haven't been able to find anywhere else




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