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Space Saving Furniture

Space saving miracles that shrink to give you space when you don't need them and expand when you do

Think about the value of your home, either in rent or mortgage - this is usually the biggest investment in one's life. Then think how much of your precious floor space is occupied by large, unflexible furniture

We want you to relax and enjoy life, so we'll do the maths for you: value that these clever things recover:

  • - 2012 average UK house prices were £817 (Londonderry) to £7,586 (Westminster) per sq m (Halifax)
  • - When not in use, our Console Dining Table, for example, shrinks by 2.9 sq m, giving you back this space, worth £21,810 in Westminster and £2,348 in Londonderry. Yet we sell the table for around £650

If you ever thought your furniture is too large or too small, this may be the solution for you. Let these intelligently engineered pieces liberate your home & improve your life

Kids Furniture

Beautiful furniture for the little ones with big dreams

Carefully selected not to cramp your style - be happy as you make them happy

100% solid wood. Ecological finishes, especially created for children's toys. Made in the EU


Dining chairs, armchairs and kids chairs, modern and traditional - we have assembled a collection where we hope you will find something you desire, at a price you can't resist. We strive to offer pieces that are different, in a good way. A broad selection for you to enjoy and showcase in your home or business. Some chairs are styled by well-established furniture companies, others by young, talented designers


For the creation of the wooden models, manufacturers have used only certified ethically sourced wood. All chairs are manufactured in the EU


Modern or traditional, aesteatic and functional, selected for your enjoyment. Dining, coffee, console and kids tables to enrich your environment


Certified ethically sourced wood. Made in the EU


Modern and traditional sideboards, cupboards, luxury storage

Beautify your rooms, keep your posessions in order

As beautiful as they are functional 

Made in the EU


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